Key Cutting

You want an extra key for the key you are holding, right? Or, something like that. The point is that if you need key cutting in Ajax, Ontario, the only thing you must do is contact our team. Allow us to make your life easy. Why should you waste your valuable time when you can only make one call or send one message and have a locksmith by your side to cut a new key? Want two keys? More keys? Key duplicating or a broken key replaced?

Whatever your case, contact Ajax Certified Locksmith. Cutting keys with no delay and without paying much is all about getting in touch with our company. The most crucial thing? The key is made correctly. Who doesn’t want that?

For key cutting in Ajax, contact us

Key Cutting Ajax

When it’s time for key cutting, Ajax locksmiths come to your place fully equipped to do the job. You will be happy to hear that all service trucks contain lots of tools, key blanks, all sorts of products, and key-cutting machines. That’s to say that the needed key is cut on the spot, regardless of what key is needed. And it’s cut well.

The locksmiths make new keys for vehicles, door locks, cabinets, mailboxes – any key. Cutting keys is all about making duplicates of existing keys. With an array of blanks in the truck, the locksmiths reach out for the right one to make sure the job is done correctly. Is your key missing? Don’t worry. Is the key broken inside the lock? Have no concerns. The locksmiths have the tools and the knowledge to handle all situations. Sometimes, a new key is needed when the existing one is damaged. And when keys are damaged, they often get stuck in locks and won’t turn. If that’s your case, don’t panic. Just tell us about it. The pros retrieve the pieces of the key, replacing it by using the correct blank.

We quickly send expert locksmiths to make keys for you

There’s no point in worrying. We understand that some service requests are time-pressing and so, are absolutely ready to direct a local locksmith your way to cut keys. And it’s equally vital to know that whatever the key you want, it’s made thoroughly. Why don’t you share your current needs with us? Need to have a key duplicated? Is one of your keys distorted and so, it’s better to have it replaced with a new key instead of running the risk of a lockout or having a difficult time turning the key? If you are in Ajax, key cutting experts are ready to serve. Talk with us.