File Cabinet Locks

File Cabinet Locks Ajax

Replacing file cabinet locks in Ajax, Ontario, takes a single and very short phone call to our company. Is that what you want? Or, something different, like the stuck cabinet key retrieved and replaced?

At Ajax Certified Locksmith, we specialize in all locks designed for all types of file cabinets. In their services too. What’s usually needed is a new lock installed. Or, the old lock replaced. Sometimes, the key gets stuck or even breaks in the lock and we send a locksmith to extract and replace it. Whatever you need, don’t hesitate to call. We swiftly send locksmiths to offer replacement file cabinet keys or install new locks.

Full services on file cabinet locks in Ajax

If we are talking about old or jammed file cabinet locks, Ajax locksmiths stand by and our team is ready to direct a pro your way with no delay. In other words, take a breath. Instead of panicking, call our team. Say if you cannot unlock the cabinet or if there’s a problem with the lock or the key, and then focus on other things. Shortly after, a pro will walk in and be fully equipped to take care of your trouble.

  •          Extract the stuck file cabinet key and make a new key
  •          Install new file cabinet locks
  •          Unlock the stuck cabinet lock and address the problem
  •          Replace the lost key and unlock the cabinet
  •          Pick the lock of the cabinet open
  •          Replace the old file cabinet lock with a new model

Is the file cabinet key stuck or broken? Want the lock replaced?

Let us ease your mind by saying that all locksmiths assigned to file cabinet lock services are familiar with all such systems. On top of that, they keep all sorts of tools, replacement keys, equipment, machines, and locks in their truck and so they can address all problems. Of course, you don’t have to wait for major problems to appear to call us. If the cabinet still locks but with difficulty or if you hear an odd sound or if the key is slightly damaged, don’t let the issue get out of hand. The sooner you call us the sooner the situation will be addressed and you can avoid major concerns, like being unable to reach important files of your company.

As it is clear by now, our team is available for complete services on Ajax file cabinet locks. So, whatever you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. A call won’t hurt and might solve your problem.